About US

How We Became LUSH

In doing hair 7 years professionally (17 years total) my major goal has always been HEALTHY HAIR.

Growing up the eldest of 5 I was first to leave the nest. I had to learn the ropes of hair care early on. At 10 I would flatiron my hair till the room was smoky LOL. Quickly I learned this was NOT proper haircare. By the tender age of 12 I learned more about protective styling and soon became my friends go-to girl for hair advice. But soon hair color came and knocked me off of my high horse. I had every color you could imagine (even the entire rainbow once). The constant coloring caused dryness and a bit of breakage. With no other options at 15 I went to the barbershop and cut everything off. That was the most liberating moment of my teenage and current life. I've been natural since.

I then became the center of attention for all the wrong reasons. Which pushed me to get into wigs as my mane flourished underneath. But traditional beauty supply wigs weren't so natural looking at the time. I turned to weaves, but that lead to heat damage on my leave out. After that I became a silk press every week girl for some time till I went to cosmetology school and realized the vast variety of styling options for girls with my hair texture. After cutting off my Heat Damage and rocking my fro, It was then I understood the importance of a wig and its ability to allow versatility but also protect the true beauty every woman has to offer.

LUSH Mission

OUR purpose is to provide affordable, quality extensions to the masses and create beautiful customized units allowing you to be corporate during the week and roll out the inches on the weekend! Keeping you LUSH on the go!